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Tree Surgery Service in Devon

  • Crown Cleaning

Crown Cleaning is a common form of tree pruning. This is carried out in order to remove dead, diseased, dying wood and dangerous branches from within the crown.

  • Crown lifting

Crown lifting is when lower branches of the tree are removed to increase the height of the crown. This process can be performed in order to allow access below the tree, allow light to pass through, or to balance out the lower crown.

  • Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves removing a number of branches without changing the shape or size of the tree. It reduces wind load on the limbs of the tree, and the sail effect on the crown. Also, light levels are improved reducing shading

  • Crown reduction

Crown reduction is when all branch tips are moved back to a growth point further down the branch; this reduces the overall size of the crown. It is a method carried out in order to maintain the control of your tree size. The maximum recommended reduction is 25% in order to avoid stress to the tree. The sail area is also reduced, which minimises the effect of the wind.

  • Pollarding

Pollarding should not be carried out unless a tree has been previously pollarded. As a general rule a tree will be grown specifically to be pollarded when it is of an appropriate age and size. Pollarding involves removing all of the trees foliage. Wounds created could cause fatal decay in mature trees.

  • Coppicing

Coppicing is the process of felling trees allowing the stumps to regenerate for a number of years (usually 7-20). After harvesting the resulting stems, regrowth can be rapid with new shoots growing as much as 5cm a day.

  • Formative pruning

Formative pruning is carried out on young trees in order to develop a strong and well-shaped tree. The overall structure can be improved majorly by selective branch removal.

  • Felling / Dismantle

Felling is the process of downing individual or multiple trees by removing all limbs & the main stem (trunk). Felling (complete removal) of the tree and the way it is dismantled depends on the surrounding area.

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